Alain Lafontaine

President and Head of the Environment Division -

Alain (BA; MA in International Affairs) has provided the leadership and vision that have guided Baastel through an unprecedented period of growth and diversification. His qualifications in environmental management, and in particular all aspects of climate change, multilateral negotiations, and capacity building, have positioned Baastel to carry out international mandates and provide high-calibre consulting and technical assistance services in these fields. Alain has extensive experience in the negotiation and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, as well as in program evaluation and performance management. He regularly collaborates with bilateral and multilateral partners such as Global Affairs Canada, the Agence Française de Développement, the Global Environmental Facility, the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, and the Green Climate Fund. Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, he has made valuable contributions to projects and programs throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.


Evan Green

Vice President and Head of the Results-based Management, Disaster Risk Management, and Socioeconomic Divisions -

Evan (MA in Public and International Development Policy and Administration) develops, monitors, and evaluates international development projects and programs and national, regional, and international strategies, programs, policies, and plans. He has particular expertise in strategic planning, RBM and M&E at regional and global levels and in particular in building RBM and M&E capacity. He has developed M&E frameworks, tools, and systems for individual projects and programs, national governments, regional organizations, and global multilateral institutions around the world. He has extensive experience in M&E in climate change adaptation, DRM/DRR, and biodiversity, education, health, and regional integration. Evan has worked extensively on M&E and strategic planning for the SDGs and is the Canadian representative to the EvalSDGs global group. His geographic areas of expertise are Latin America and the Caribbean, and he has excellent knowledge of key international development agencies and institutions worldwide. He has conducted training, developed M&E systems, and evaluated projects and programs for national governments across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean; multilateral organizations including most UN agencies (FAO, PAHO, UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF, WFP, WMO), development banks (AfDB, CDB, IDB), and the World Bank Group (GEF and IFC); regional organizations (CARICOM, CCCCC, CDEMA); and bilateral organizations (DfID, Global Affairs Canada, the European Commission, USAID, US Department of State). Evan communicates fluently in English, French, and Spanish and is a seasoned facilitator, trainer, and manager.


Olivier Beucher

Partner, Consultant in Environment and Agriculture -

Olivier (BSc Ecosystem Management; MSc in Agricultural Engineering; Post-Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics, Rural Development Planning and International Development) is an expert in international development project, program, and policy design, management, and evaluation. He has 20 years of experience in the environment sector, particularly in climate change adaptation, mitigation, and finance, agriculture and rural development, biodiversity conservation, and natural resources management. He has led and coordinated multiple complex evaluations, studies, and research projects across Eastern and Western Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. He has also been involved with universities and other institutions working with subnational governments and with communities (rural organizations, local NGO’s, women’s associations, and farmers). As Baastel’s Director of Corporate Development, he leads proposal development and develops partnerships with numerous research organizations, consulting firms, and international organizations. His dual role within Baastel has given him the opportunity to support organizations such as the World Bank, the European Commission, the African Development Bank, the Adaptation Fund and UN Environment in enhancing the impact of their interventions, in particular when it comes to environment and climate change.


Gaétan Quesne

Thematic Lead in Biodiversity and Forestry -

Gaétan (Engineering diploma in International Agriculture; Master’s in Sustainable Development and Natural Resources) is a specialist in environmental protection and natural resources management in developing countries. He has over 12 years of experience in conducting development, feasibility studies, technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs related to the environment (including biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation), as well as evaluating projects, programs, strategies, and public and institutional policy initiatives. Over the past 10 years, Gaétan has served as team leader for a number of projects for the GEF, as well as for development banks, United Nations agencies, secretariats for multilateral agreements on the environment (CCNUCC and CBD) and technical and financial bilateral partnerships. Previously a program manager for the French Development Agency (AFD) and the French Funds for global environment in France and in Benin, he has significant experience in administrative, technical, and financial project and program management. He speaks fluent French and English, has a solid knowledge of Spanish, and has extensive experience working in most West African countries, many countries in Central, East and Southern Africa, and many countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.


Sylvain Lacoursière

Financial Controller -

Sylvain (BA in Accounting Sciences) has extensive experience in the area of accounting, having worked for over seven years most notably at the international level, then as comptroller in private enterprise. Since 2014, as Baastel’s Financial Comptroller, Sylvain has worked under the supervision of the President, managing the areas of accounting, financial planning, and analysis of financial information. Sylvain speaks French and English. He is also designated as responsible for the protection of personal information.